Frosty, Cold Triangulation

One of these things is not like the other....

Upon first hearing about this proposed meeting, and now again looking at the pictures, one can practically hear the White House aides frantically trying to come up with ideas to walk back the dog on the President speaking "stupidly" at the end of his press conference last week.

"How can we make this better?" "Lets have them all have a beer together....I mean that's what regular Joes do, right??" "Yeah, then we can show America that three elites can hang with a blue collar guy..."

Unfortunately for the President, this episode so obviously reeks of political desperation, I don't think it will make much of a difference in the opinion polls, and could in fact be a negative if people think he did it simply for political gain.

Why do I think this is a stunt? First, the President is again injecting himself into a purely local issue, simple because he couldn't stay out of it last week. There is no other reason to re-engage on this unless they think they can use this event to counter his recent slide in the polls.

Second, the fact that the WH (and their MSM buds) has been hyping beer angle. *BEER*! The most blue collar of blue collar staples. The WH is desperately pushing the regular guy angle which smacks of opportunism.

Third, was the fact that the WH made sure it was photographed. "See....just four regular guys having a brewski...now can we move on..pleeease?!?"

If the President wanted to make this go away, he should have simply left it at an apologetic phone call to Sgt Crowley. All this other fluff simply ensures the extension of the story's shelf life, which is not good for the President. Americans aren't the rubes that many elites think they are, and I believe most will see this photo-op for the nakedly political stunt that it is....