They can take my Atari from my Cold, Dead Hands

Instapundit was ruminating about the fact that you can by 1 Terabyte of storage now for under $100.

That got me thinking about my first home computer, which I also got for under $100.

I present to you, the Timex-Sinclair 1000:

The thing could almost pass for a Blackberry today...except that it has no screen. And on the issue of storage, it was unlimited! Or only limited to the number of blank cassette tapes you had lying around....

But the thing I always remember, was that we had to buy a memory expansion pack (seen attached in the pic above), and that got us all the way up to 16K of system memory!! Yes...16*K*... God bless the early '80s.

This beauty is still in cold storage somewhere in my parents house...so when my boy gets around to asking for his first computer......yes, you know where I am going with this....heh heh heh.