Post Racial Inanity

#tcot #hhrs
“If the President were white, there would be riots.” So writes Stephen Marche in Esquire magazine. He was referencing the fact that thus far the Obama Presidency has allegedly been the pits for the black community, rather than the expected nirvana.

Generally I find this whole idea that Obama is the "first black President" pretty curious, and any argument that things would be different if he were white to be spurious.

The last I checked President Obama is just as much the 44th white President, as he is the 1st black President…

And as far as President Obama ushering in a 'post-racial' America, it is my opinion that most Americans were already post-racial before his arrival, and the only ones who seem to have not made the leap are those who have always told us we need to be post-racial in the first place...