Free the Likely Voters! No Justice, No Peace!

It is well documented that polls of 'Likely Voters' are more likely to be more accurate, while polls of 'Registered Voters' and 'Adults' tend to produce results less accurate and more favorable to the Democrats.

So for a while now many have been waiting for one of the most respected poll outlets, the long running Gallup survey, to switch over from a 'Registered Voter' sample, to one showing the more accurate 'Likely Voter' result.  Alas, for some reason, it has not happened yet.

This is fairly strange, given the fact that here is it early October, and the Presidential election is fast approaching.  I hate to have conspiracy theories bouncing around my skull, but could it be that there is a result hiding in those LVs that somebody doesn't want let out?  It is obvious that many other polls are in the tank for a desired result, but one might hope that Gallup would be above that.

Take a look at Gallup's Presidential Election Center, where they show Obama leading Romney 49-45 among RVs:

Not a Likely Voter in site!

But as you can see below, in 2008 and 2004 respectively, according to their interactive website Gallup started publishing their LV screens in September 2008 (or as Jay Cost points out - June), and March(!).

So what is the deal, Gallup?  Have you been forgetting to ask that delicate question that identifies 'Likely Voters'?  If so, why can't they come out and play?  Are they locked up in an LA Times safe along with Obama's Rashid Khalidi video??


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