Free the Likely Voters! VOL II

A few days ago I posted my observation that the esteemed Gallup organization for some reason had yet to "unleash" their Presidential poll results for "Likely Voters". After today's poll release, there is still no joy. Now, I had heard that Gallup would start their "Likely" screen on Oct 1. So, it could well be that since the Gallup poll is a 7-day running average, we might not see results posted until tomorrow. But in looking at their interactive webpage, you will the following graph:

The one thing that caught my eye, was the statement at the bottom of the page.
"From 1952 to 1988, only Gallup's final pre-election survey was among likely voters. Starting in 1992, Gallup reported likely voter percentages more frequently."
We are within 30 days of the election, so it seems ever more likely that "more frequently" may mean "never" in 2012. And why is that??

UPDATE:  Hot Air's Ed Morrissey has added some smaller sample Gallup analysis that shows Romney has pulled even with the President (47%-47%, Registered Voters!) in the three days following Thursday night's smackdown Debate, down from an Obama 5-point lead (50-45%).  More to follow later on the continuing hostage drama playing out over at Gallup....

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