The Audacity of Sycophants

Gateway Pundit points out that not only did Obama thump HRC in this weeknd's primaries, but he also won a Grammy.

I suppose that his should be no surprise, given that every major award competition can't fall over themselves quickly enough to present once-prestigious awards to their major liberal heroes.

Witness the most recent victories by Al Gore in the Academy Awards and Nobel Prize contests. The fawning sycophancy of the Academy was obvious as Al's Powerpoint briefing won in a category that doesn't normally garner much attention, and included other nominees you have never heard of.

Obama's victory on the other hand reveals a level of servile obsequiousness that the Academy can not hope to match.

In he category of 'spoken word', Obama's book "beat out works by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, as well as poet Maya Angelou and actor Alan Alda for the honor."

Obama, Clinton, Carter, Angelou, Alda. Wow! What a diverse group. And you wonder why people don't give credence to these awards any more.

But one has to wonder, "Is that the best there is?" I mean, I listen to a bunch of books on MP3, and find it hard to believe that there are not 5 other 'spoken word' productions out there that are better than these.

The answer is that of course there are. However we live in a time when style trumps substance, and it is more important to award accolades in order to pad the resumes of like-minded travelers. Awards like these used to confer an actual honor of achievement, but now only represent the result so of an insular circular logic, and is simply a chance for liberals to prove to themselves how smart they are.

"We love Obama and think he is great...thus we decided give him the Grammy....see, Obama won a Grammy, we were right about how great he is."

Perhaps is is a giant liberal echo chamber, where they think that everyone thinks like they do. Or perhaps it is a giant liberal graft program, to hand out awards in order to justify and validate their own views. Nothing sells better when you can put the label "Grammy Winner" or "Academy Award Winner" on it.

Of course this is nothing new, but it still smells....


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