The Politics of Double-Speak

It all depends of what your definition of is is.

Since the Clinton's revolutionized the Democrats' information machine 15 years ago, one has been well advised to search for some double or hidden meaning in any public statement.

For instance, any time a Clinton would call for bi-partisanship, you could rest assured that "bi-partisanship" was defined as "Democratic policies that the Republicans should agree with".

Well, its not like they ever stopped, but the Clintons are at it again. Their minions have started to hit the circuit to soften the ground for an effort to get Michigan and Florida delegates admitted to the Convention. And inside their statements are the old familiar twangs of Clinton double-speak:

Chuck Schumer (Meet the Press): "[It's important] that at the end of the day, we don't have such an internecine battle that we lose the general election."

Translation: "In order to avoid an internecine battle, Hilary should get those nasty
ol' delegates. Its for the good of the party...

Now who wouldn't want that for another 8 years??


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