Ché is OK!

Comrades, I have great news! Just the other day I was outraged by the display of a Ché Guevara flag at a Barrack Obama campaign/volunteer office.

But just today, I have found out that it is OK! You see...Ché was really a great guy.

I now know this because I have found out that Hollywood is putting out not one, but two movies about comrade Ché this year! Lets break out the popcorn and get ready for "The Argentine" and "Guerrilla". Finally the record can be set straight!

I also had no idea how many movies had been made about Ché. I mean, if he were such a terrible guy, there is no way that Hollywood would produce glowing bio-pics about him, right?

Sarcasm off.......now back to our regularly scheduled message:

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