Coming Election Lies Part 1

During the upcoming Presidential election, whenever you hear the Democratic candidate, or your left leaning friends, spouting off about how Evil-Exxon-Mobil made the largest profit ever in the history of greed, please feel free to remind them of this fact.

Yes, Exxon may have made have made a profit in 2007 of $41 billion (an all-time record)...but it also paid $30 billion in taxes (also another all-time record).

To put that second figure in context, over the last 3 years Exxon-Mobil has on average paid more taxes than the bottom 50% of all individual taxpayers in the U.S. That's 65 million people.

So when the left complains that Oil company profits are "obscene", ask them if the think the related goverment profits are "obscene" as well.

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