Chump Change Bailouts

Everyone seems so concerned over all these bailouts and their dizzying amounts. I am not sure what everyone is worried about....

Newspaper Bailout - $??....Meh...

Automaker Bailout - $20 billion....'tis but a scratch!

Bank Bailout - $700 billion....peanuts!

Bailout of 5 Democrat-run Statehouses - $1 Trillion....merely a flesh wound!

National Debt - $10-13 trillion....that's nothing!

But if you want to really worry about something, take all those figures, add them together, and then multiply by a factor of 7-8.

If the new Congress is up to it, for the tidy sum of $101 TRILLION, yes, with a T....they could bailout the current unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare combined. Somehow this reminder of the Social Security Annual Report got lost in the bailout mania back in October.

If only we had gotten Al Gore's 'Lockbox', we wouldn't have this problem....