The Next Right

If you haven't started reading it already, I heartily recommend a regular reading of the blog, 'The Next Right'. Some vigirous to-and-fro on how to rebuild the right of center structure, especially within the GOP, from some young and very bright conservatives.

Today's thought: The Coming Opportunity for the Right?
The point: Republicans are moving into a veritable golden age of "look what they're doing to you!" material, like we haven't seen since the Carter era stagflation. There are going to be so many outrages in the coming years that we can use to illustrate the costs of government and the case for more limited government.

The problem: We're entering a new era with the Old Guard. Republicans are thoroughly unprepared to do the kind of information organization, distribution and activism they would need to do to capitalize on this important opportunity, and - despite the fact that it's comparatively inexpensive - I'm not really sure they are yet willing to build the kind of modern infrastructure they need to do it.
Go and peruse their entire blog.....