Harry Reid, Clearly Insane

I am seriously wondering if Sen. Harry Reid might have guzzled a carton of expired Eggnog over the holidays. Or perhaps some flesh eating bacteria from the deserts of Nevada is eating away at his brain.

You see, according to Dingy Harry, the military surge in Iraq is *still* a failure, and there are civil wars in both Iraq *and* Israel.

Yes...Iraq where violence (both anti-coalition and sectarian) is at 6-year lows, and Israel, where a democratic plurality is directing its own military to dispense with an external aggressor.

Technically, 'Civil War' is defined as "a war between political factions or regions within the same country".

We may have some of that in Iraq, but by all accounts, far less than in previous months and years. And if there is ongoing sectarian warfare with members of Labor, Kadima and Likud shooting each other down in the streets of Jerusalem, I must have missed that headline.

Methinks it is time for Harry to get a new job that is more his speed...

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has even more on Dingy Harry's coniving plan to have history remember him as one of the father's of the *successful* surge in Iraq.