The Coming Obama Bubble

Is it just me or does anyone else think that if someone is currently invested in Obama Inc, they might want to sell their shares prior to Jan 20?

In my view, we are looking at the heights of an Obama market bubble, or fad if you will. Like Tulips, Dot-coms, leveraged Real Estate, Atkins Diets, and grunge band plaid, I believe it will either burst, or at least fade quickly from view.

One sign of this impending downturn is the fact that *everybody* has to get in on the game.

In the current cool craze at hand, along with your Obama commemorative plates, bobble head dolls, and action figures (soon to be found on eBay no doubt), you could also own a mint condition copy of 'The American Dog Magazine'.

Rush out and buy yours now, as it is sure to be a treasured keepsake in the decades to come.

C'mon...American Dog? Really? Also, having worked in dog rescue, I might have admired Obama's selection of a three-legged canine friend if he had done *before* he was running for President. Not in the middle of his campaign to show us how noble and caring he is.

Now this publication is just a sure sign to me that The One's bubble will pop/recede and all his parphenalia will soon be readily found in many discount bins at the dollar stores. The Inauguration Rapture will fade, and reality will set in. This whole giant group salivation over Obama reminds me of when a fad sweeps through a high school, and the peer pressure takes over. Or the herd mentality, when people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase items. Soon the fad or fashion will be will move onto the next cool thing. Especially when the the herd discovers that they hadn't gotten everything they were expecting out of the current craze.

So don't end up feeling like Randolph and Mortimer Duke. Sell high! Sell, Sell, Sell!

(Hat Tip: Jonah Goldberg)


Mister Snitch! said...

Well, THIS is scary... earlier today, I was thinking that if Obama was a stock, I'd short him. But I don't think I actually will. All my cash is tied up in long-term Bush Rep bonds. They've bottomed, and are sure to appreciate.

Karen said...

Here is what his chart will look like.


Same product, actually.

robin4est said...

Someone sent me an Obama commemorative plate which is displayed on my mantel.
A great conversation piece.
I planned to buy several cases of these beauties as an investment. Are you telling me they won't go up in value?????

Ken Mitchell said...

I'm certain that they will be quite popular.

"Ready.... PULL!"

Mark said...

As the evening news was doing a major story on the rehearsal for Obama's inauguration I told my wife that they must be expecting Obama's popularity to peak on Jan. 20. After that he's going to have to start taking positions and disappointing people.

Some Schmuck said...

I guess a Beanybaby Obama is out of the question then.

Brian D. said...

"...along with your Obama commemorative plates, bobble head dolls, and action figures (soon to be found on eBay no doubt)..."

Plates, check.
Bobblehead dolls, check.
Action figures, check.

All on eBay already, by the dozen.

I'm betting those items will be in dollar stores by the first Tuesday of November, 2009, if not way sooner than that.

Jan said...

Great post. But why include the Atkins' Diet in the bubble list? Atkins forged a brave path working hard to pop the real bubble - the low fat, high carbohydrate diet.

Eric said...

I don't think there will be any kind of "bubble."

You'll see various fringe groups accusing him of selling out, but hey, they already are. Obama's general supporters will be far more willing to cut him a break than they ever were for Bush.

This is, of course, a realistic and reasonable viewpoint -- given the current situation with the mainstream media, running for president requires wildly inflating your promises and reneging on them when you win. Obama is already doing this.

The fact that it's the media's favored candidate means that he's going to get a pass, and whether they realize it or not, the American public will pick up on this forgiving attitude and go along with it.

TourPro said...

Follow the Gourd!

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