Geithner the Loanshark

Reason asks a great question today....

"Is the Government Acting Like a Payday Lender?"

Earlier this week when thinking about the refusal of the Federal Govt to take back TARP moeny offered up by banks who wanted out of the deal, I was reminded of one of the major underlying stories in the movie "Barbershop".

In that subplot, Calvin the barber (played by Ice Cube) decides to sell out his barbershop to the sleazy loan shark (played by Keith Daivid) Mr. Wallace. Wallace quickly decides to turn the shop into a strip club. This causes Calvin to try to return the money, but Wallace refuses to take it back.

After Calvin drops the money on Mr. Wallace's desk and tries to run for it, he is chased through the streets by Wallace's thug, who repeatedly screams "Take this money!" and Calvin screams back "I don't want it!" After said thug catches Calvin, he shoves the envelope of money into Calvin's chest and growls "This money is *yours*...you hear me?!"

I can envision Tim Geithner chasing some regretful corporate CEO across the Washington Mall screaming "Take this money!"

While Reason is asking the right question, they are a bit off on their comparison. A payday loan operation, while somewhat sleazy, is usually at least regulated in its actions.

What the Obama/Geithner operation is operating like is a street level loanshark.

I wonder when we will see the thugs unleashed.....

(Hat tip: Instapundit)


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