Media Tax Confusion

There is so much to critique about the egregious performance by CNN's Susan Roesgen, and much of it has already been done.

However, I have not seen much on her lack of comprehension of the motivations of the Tea Parties. She seems to think it is all about taxes, when it is so much more than that. But even so, she still doesn't get it even on that subject.

First, when she schreeches at inquires of the apparently ignorant extremists protesters that didn't they know about the benevolent federal's government's $400 tax credit? As if that would make it all better.... She doesn't comprehend that those who were at the protests don't want the government to take that money from us in the first place. If you let us keep more of our own money to raise our children, we would not need a tax credit to help us pay to raise our children.... Independence versus Dependence. What a concept....

Second, she once again tries to educate the unwashed about how much manna was falling onto Illinois from Heaven Washington DC, without understanding that these people were precisely angry because that very money was going to come out of their very own pockets....and their children's pockets. Why would she think that these people would be happy to accept that money?

Like much of the liberal side of the political spectrum, the media thinks that if something is handed out by the government, it must be good. And they can't understand it when some people would refuse that handout, or object that they are forced to subsidize it.

The liberals are used to those people who gladly accept those handouts...but those people are usually never the ones who are made to subsidize it with their taxes. And now they are forced to see those subsidizers, strange apparitions called 'taxpayers', perhaps for the first time. It is as if these strangers and their stranger customs had just wandered out of the jungle in New Guinea.

Real taxpayers...a new and angry species...apparently something to feared...and definitely not suitable for family viewing....