A New Way Nowhere

With the big Tea Party protests scheduled to happen this coming Tax Day, the leftys (driven by a group called A New Way Forward) decide to try and get ahead of the curve, and hold some protests this weekend.

As we showed yesterday with photos, those protests were fairly lame. (Find even more links to photos over at Instapundit).

However, a good lefty will never let reality get in the way of a bit of good, self-serving propaganda. Check out the reviews that ANWF gives themselves on their blog.....
We made it happen! What do you get when you have no organization, are three weeks old, have the rain pouring down on you and out your nose, and care deeply about our political system and economy being hijacked by fancy rhetoric and bank CEO’s? In just three weeks, we got thousands of people out across the country on an obscure, wonkish financial-policy issue. Pretty amazing, and totally unprecedented. This was a national demonstration like no other because we are informed, intelligent and want to have an honest conversation about where tax dollars are going and what can better be done.

Heh... Sounds like
Stuart Smalley is blogging for these guys..."we are smart, handsome, and people like us!"

But honestly..."thousands"? Based on ground level reports (the mos observed thus far was ~100 in San Fran, which is a city ready to protest anything), if they had 1001 people at their protests nationwide, I would be mildly surprised. But I guess if you have 1001, you can say you had "thousands"....

And "totally unprecedented"? C'mon, there are single Tea Party protests that outdrew your entire national effort on this same subject. Except they just want a different type of solution. So ANWF is mildly delusional if they think that they are "unprecedented" for working "three weeks" on somethning that has been growing for 3 months.

OF course the party wouldn't be complete without a little media exageration as well. The Golden Gate X Press (OK, it is a bunch of journalism students at SFSU, but they will be "journalists" soon enough...) pumps up the AWNF effort with some tried and true leftist boilerplate:
"San Francisco and 46 other cities in the United States and Canada took part in mass protests to break up the power of the banks that caused the current financial crisis. The mass protests were organized by a group called A New Way Forward."
Apparently these protests were so massive that they had to call them "mass protests" twice. Either that or the reporter is trying to help them compensate for their lack of participation. I wonder what the Golden Gate X Press will call the Tea Party protests next week...