Protests - Pictures of Contrast

Some interesting pictures out there today of both 'Tea Party' protests and 'A New Way Forward' protests.

First a Tea Party in Pittsburgh (via Instapundit):

Second, a 'New Way Forward' protest in Boulder, Co:

Notice any difference?

Just to make sure I am not cherry picking photos to fit my meme, lets try that again....this time, same city!

Tea Party protest, Chicago:

Pro-Bigger Govt protest, Chicago:

Hmm...still looks the same to me. Let's see which ones get more media coverage. Perhaps the scales will tip this weekend on that front.

Lastly, no post about political rallies is complete without looking at some of the great signs that people make and carry around.

Anti-Govt solution:

Pro-Govt solution:

OK, perhaps I am biased , but even despite the lack of punctuation, I have to give it to the Anti-Govt solution guy.
But you do have to give that lefty protester some credit...he wants to Nationalize *and* Decentralize the banks at the same time. I might be willing to let him have his way, just to see how they would pull that off...


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