DPRK - ROK Clash?

Could President Obama be getting his first 3am Phone call?
Let the Testing Begin

We've often written that President Obama will face at least one national security crisis during 2010. From the Middle East to the Far East, there is no shortage of rivals and rogue states willing to test the administration and its mettle. Put another way, we may soon get a look at Mr. Obama's "spine of steel," famously touted by running mate Joe Biden during the 2008 campaign.

And that first test may come on the Korean Peninsula, based on this dispatch from the Washington Post. Quoting South Korea's semi-official Yonhap News Agency, the Post is reporting that a ROK Navy vessel is sinking in waters near the North Korean coast, possibly the result of a torpedo attack from the DPRK.
What actually happened here remains to be seen, as I am always ready to remind all of a key tenet of breaking news -- "The first reports are always wrong."

More to follow...

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