Profiles in Senatorial Courage

So what did the Senate Dems vote against today?

1) 57 Dems voted to NOT "reduce the cost of providing federally funded prescription drugs by eliminating fraudulent payments and prohibiting coverage of Viagra for child molesters and rapists..." Only two Dems voted Yes...Bayh and Nelson [NE].

2) 58 Dems voted to NOT allow "States to opt out of a Federal health care takeover." This time Nelson was the only holdout. I guess we know who can see the writing on the wall....

3) 56 Dems voted to NOT "prevent Medicare from being used for new entitlements and to use Medicare savings to save Medicare." Nelson & Webb voted for, Byrd did not vote.

4) 54 Dems voted to NOT "eliminate the sweetheart deals for Tennessee, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, Connecticut, and frontier States." Nelson & Bayh voted for, Byrd & Begich did not vote.

5) 57 Dems voted to NOT "ensure that Americans can keep the coverage they have by keeping premiums affordable." Bayh voted for, Kaufman did not vote.

6) 56 Dems voted to NOT "make sure the President, Cabinet Members, all White House Senior staff and Congressional Committee and Leadership Staff are purchasing health insurance through the health insurance exchanges established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act." Bayh, Nelson and Lincoln voted for.

7) All 59 Dems voted to NOT "enroll Members of Congress in the Medicaid program."

8) 58 Dems voted to NOT "improve the [HCR] bill by waiving the $40,000 penalty on hiring previously unemployed individuals." Nelson voted for.

The GOP continues to offer Amendments to the HCR reconciliation, so there will be more where this came from....


9) 55 Dems voted to NOT "ensure that no State experiences a net job loss as a result of the enactment of the SAFRA [Student Aid] Act." Bayh, and BOTH Nelsons voted for, Byrd was apparently asleep again.


10) 56 Dems voted to NOT "strike the medical device tax." Bayh & Nelson voted for, Byrd, still napping.

11) 57 Dems voted to NOT "exclude pediatric devices for persons with disabilities from the medical device tax." Nelson for, Byrd snoring.

12) 54 Dems voted to NOT "protect access for America's wounded warriors." Not sue what that means exactly, but I am for it.

13) 54 Dems voted to NOT "protect the integrity of Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense health care programs for veterans, active-duty service members, their families, widows and widowers, and orphans who have sacrificed in defense of our Nation."

14) 54 Dems voted to NOT "repeal the sunset on marriage penalty relief and to make the election to deduct State and local sales taxes permanent." Of note 1 Republican voted agianst this as well. Somebody call Judd Gregg's office and slap him around!

15) Dems Voted to NOT "increase women's access to breast cancer screenings." [Number not known yet, as roll call not posted]

Note: I counted Lieberman and Sanders as the Dems they really are...are should be. No GOP members vote with the Dems on these, and Isakson did not vote on any.

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