Potemkin Village Healthcare

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All we need to know about the just posted House Obamacare bill:
The Democrats' 2,309-page reconciliation bill was released for public viewing Sunday and will begin the mark-up process in the Budget Committee Monday at 3pm. Contrary to the Democratic pledge to post the reconciliation measure 72 hours before consideration, the bill posted is a dummy -- or a "shell" as Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.) put it -- an early version of the House bill that cleared key committees in 2009, thus making it eligible for the reconciliation process under budget rules. Once that bill clears the the committee it will be gutted and replaced with the closed-door "fixes" agreed upon by Congressional Democrats, and appended with an unrelated student loan bill.
It is nothing but a Potemkin Village, set out to fool people, or better yet distract us from the real goings-on. The funny thing is, even with this previous version of the bill that was sitting around, they couldn't see fit to post it 72 prior to consideration.

The contempt for their constituents is palpable....

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