All Your Votes Are Belong to Us

Dan Riehl points us to David Freddoso's revelation of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy's planning documents.
"What it offers is a rare look at how left-wing organizations are working together and plotting a progressive future."
What it offers is a little unnerving.

Amongst other things slide (11) says that this VLWC has:
- "A national database of all voting age individuals..."
- "A robust and enhanced file, with models and specialty data and a comprehensive vote history"
- "A data warehouse that holds all voter contact records and results"

So the Left knows who you are, has 'specialty data' on you including how you voted, and knows when and what you have told to pollsters. Gee, with organizations like these, who needs to worry about bogeymen like the NSA or CIA?!?

And I wonder how that data might be used in the future... I am sorry you need that operation Mr. Smith, but we show here that you expressed opinions against, and voted against Health Care Reform, so I don't think we can help you.

Perhaps a little grandiose, but what exactly will the Left use these databases/data warehouses for after they have used them to win elections? You know they won't go away....

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