The Tin-Eared Donkey v. The Pick-Up Truck

From the same elite crowd that looked down their noses and made fun of those Americans who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them", we now have them trying to swing a Senate election because their opponent drives a pick-up truck.

Using the pick-up truck as a laugh line might be OK when you amongst a few comrades at a cocktail party, but when the line is televised across the state, and the nation, you might just end up driving away more voters with your elitist guffaws. The Dems are so used to getting top-cover from the media, that they forget that their snide remarks might wrinkle some noses.

I suppose we should expect anything less from a bunch of Limousine Liberals.

I wonder what Martha really drives....

UPDATE: Truck count scoreboard

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