The Obama Over-Exposure Continues

During the SOTU address, President Obama said "I don't quit". I think most people might have thought that he was talking about working to reduce unemployment and end the al-Qaeda threat. Little did we know he was talking about his apparent need to get his mug shown on every form of media known to man......
Obama on hand for Duke-Georgetown

WASHINGTON -- There was a familiar voice behind the microphone during the Duke-Georgetown basketball game -- that of Barack Obama.

The president, attending as a fan, provided about seven minutes of nationally televised hoops commentary in the second half of Saturday's matchup of two top 10 teams at the Verizon Center near the White House.

Please make it stop! I watch sports to forget about other more serious things, so I don't need President Obama showing up front and center to remind me of more serious things I am trying to forget.
The president...enjoyed the game from a front-row seat, not the luxury suites that top government officials sometimes prefer.
This is somehow a better thing? Last I checked, front-row seats were pretty luxurious too.

But sitting in a box would not have offered the public exposure that he apparently craves. If his advisors are telling he needs to get out in public more, I think he might need some new advisors.

Hey Joe how do you like those seats???

Must be nice to have a super cool boss with lots of pull....


TWA said...

Did anyone else hear what I heard, when the President wants to, he talks with a "negro dialect". Remember Harry's words.Perfect example.

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