More Thoughts on Brown v. Coakley Polls

Somewhere yesterday I read the thought that polls like the PPP poll that showed Scott Brown leading his Democratic opponent by 1-point might motivate Democratic voters to actually come out to the polls, thus negating the enthusiasm of the Brown voters.

This is certainly something to worry about. But if that is possible, then so is the opposite reaction.

It is entirely possible that today's Boston Globe poll showing Coakley up by 15-points, may in fact discourage semi-likely Democratic voters from heading to the polls on January 19th. If those who are luke-warm and not very enthusiastic think that Coakley leads by a country mile has it sewn up (like Dems usually do in MA), then they are going probably less likely to head to the polls, and the Brown enthusiasm could in fact carry the day.

So.....let's have some more of those Globe polls!

UPDATE: Move Along...Nothing to see here!

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justoffal said...

Here's a poll for ya!

Never have I seen so many home made political signs. Today as I was leaving Boston I saw a well dressed man in his fifties holding up a Scott Brown sign in the middle of Bennington Avenue just before Logan! This is something quite new and different that smells like grass roots...you know the kind that cannot be polled until election day...

I smell blood here.