How Obama Could Help Haiti

SusanAnne Hiller wants to know what has happened with the $1.4 million President Obama was awarded when he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
The other day I pointed out the fact that President Obama has yet to donate the money he was awarded as the Nobel recipient. Obama stated he would donate the $1.4 million prize to charity. It’s been several weeks since he received the money and no one knows what’s happened to it.
This is an intriguing question....but one that I think has an easy answer for the President, especially if he wants to live up to the stature of being a Peace Prize recipient.

He needs to donate the whole stash to charities providing relief in Haiti.

I for one would think it would be a great example of selfless philanthropy that should epitomize his office, and the idea of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Please do it, sir. Do it now.

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