Bureaucrats to Troops: Fudge You

Never ones to let a good thing get in the way of enforcing government regulations, bureaucrats can usually be counted on to do the wrong thing.

Such is the case in Bangor Maine, where Bangor International Airport officials have started preventing those who greet the flights of troops returning from overseas combat from handing out any sort of food or treats.
Five hundred thirty-one soldiers stopped for a layover Tuesday afternoon at Bangor International Airport, but not one of them ate a piece of Debbie Bickford’s decadent peanut butter fudge — nor did any indulge in a homemade chocolate brownie or a Maine-famous whoopie pie.

Homemade treats long provided by the area’s volunteer Maine Troop Greeters disappeared at the airport about a month ago after BIA began enforcing a ban on such giveaways.


Tony Caruso, the airport’s assistant director, said Tuesday the issue revolves around liability. "We have people who bake things at home, and that is very hard to regulate."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has strict regulations on preparation, temperature control and handling that all airport concessionaires must adhere to, Caruso said. Ensuring that all food is properly prepared and stored is a safety and security issue, he said.
Yeah, because you never know when the Deptartment of Agriculture is going to ride into town and shut the airport down over some fudge.

C'mon guys, get that large regulatory stick of your butt, and let them serve some fudge. It hasn't killed anybody yet......

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