Food for Thought

If one doesn't like how Muslims are committing genocide in Darfur...

And one doesn't like how Islamists are undermining hope in Lebanon...

And one doesn't like how Palestinians are killing Palestinians in Gaza...

How could one possibly be in favor of the US pulling out of Iraq and guaranteeing a similar outcome?

Hat tip to Seth Leibsohn and Joe Lieberman. Listen to this clip at about 3:20 in.
"If you look at the slaughter that is going on in Gaza today, Palestinian against Palestinian, that is a small indication of what Iraq will be like if we get out...One of our leading Generals over in Iraq said to me, if you speak to your colleagues back in the Senate, you tell them 'If you don't like what is happening in Darfur, you're going to hate what will happen in Iraq if we get out of there too soon..."
- Joltin' Joe Leiberman

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