So, if according to Harry Reid, Gens Petreaus and Pace are incompetent, what does that make Nancy Pelosi??

Here is Pelosi's commitment to the troops of our United States:

Notice how she promises that the house "will provide the largest increase in veteran's funding in history" (One question might be why she hasn't done it yet? It's been six months....).

I am sure that the troop in the picture will greatly appreciate that, or maybe she won't. Lets take a closer look:

Hmmm.... why does that look like an Army uniform with Navy rank? Or is that even Navy rank? Let go even closer.....

(Yes, it is not the exact rank, but that is not the point)

Hmmmm. Canada, eh? What is Nancy trying to say? Is it that she want to enact Canada's socialized medicine for the military. Nope, too late. The US military already has socialized medicine.

Perhaps a simpler explanation is at hand. It is much easier to see that no one who works for Pelosi has any idea what the uniforms of the United States military services actually look like. What are the odds? Pretty good I'm afraid.....

Good job. That will win back military votes.....

Hat Tip: QandO

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