The Invisible Bomber

No, not the Stealth Bomber....I am referring to the guy who ran away when he crashed his Mercedes VBIED in central London early Friday Morning.

Apparently the authorities know who they are looking for....
Last night it was claimed that cops had “crystal clear” CCTV images of the driver of the Haymarket Merc.

US TV station ABC News said the man is a known associate of jailed Islamist militant Dhiren Barot, 34 — who is serving life for a plot to explode limousines with gas canisters.
But that is the only mention this suspect seems to get. But if there is a 'crystal clear image', and he is a 'known associate', where are his picture and his name? Shouldn't the press outlets be clamoring for this info?

One would think that if there is a nation-wide manhunt for a bomber, the police would release the image and the name in hopes that the public would aid in his capture, no? But why not here?

One reason might be the fact (and we all knew it was coming) that the bomber has Islamist ties, and the Brits are afraid to insult/incite the radical Muslim population of their country. Or is there some other more bureaucratic reason?

Powerline notes a possibly related incident and quotes the Scotsman as saying "Police say they are looking for an Iraqi who went on the run from a control order only 11 days before yesterday's failed bombing attempts. The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is part of a six-strong cell linked to al-Qaeda in Iraq."

Can't be identified for legal reasons?!? What the hell? The man is a suspected terrorist and fugitive of the law, and you can't warn the public of the danger because you might violate some of the new Europe's precious multi-culti civil rights?

It makes me wonder if the same thing is the reason we haven't seen a picture of the London suspect yet. Scotland Yard has it hands tied behind its back by bureaucratic sensitivities.

Whether it is reason #1 or #2, it strikes me as very strange that despite the existence of the information, the public in Britain (and the rest of the world) has not been given notice of who the police are searching for.

It makes you wonder if the Brits really want to win, or whether capitulation will win out.....

UPDATE: Or there could be a simpler explanation..."Security officials and police denied a U.S. news report that they had a "crystal clear" picture of one suspect from CCTV footage."

Shame on me for forgetting one of the primary tenets of warfare....'The first reports are always wrong.'

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