Sorry RNC: No Dinero para Usted

In today's mail I got a mailing from the RNC titled the "Republican Party Census". Of course it was a close-to-patronizing questionnaire with the fundraising section tacked on the end.

I fully intended to simply write "Not one more Dime!" on it and send it back, but then I read the donation section. Basically the options were to either say "Yes - here is my money" (paraphrasing) or "No - I favor electing liberal democrats over the next ten years" (actual quote). Now that really was patronizing. Of course I don't want to elect libs, but that is not my problem with the RNC. What I don't want is for the RNC to keep protecting the cabal of capitulating liberal Republicans who keep working against the wishes of the GOP's most substantial base.

So I decided to write-in my own choice...

Then shortly after I did that, but before I got around to writing this post, I saw that Michelle Malkin was featuring a similar tactic. So I took that idea and added it to the bottom of my form as well. "Amnesty Bill = No $$$"

Sorry guys, as long as you keep harboring "moderates" who have prevented the majority of the GOP from moving forward, I'll keep my money for myself.

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