Downrange Part II

I guess, like the summer movies, I am all about sequels this week.

Since I am an Air Force guy, I want to amend my previous statement about not being able to find many AF bloggers downrange. I suppose I wasn't looking hard enough. I still stand by my indictment of the oppressive AF IT arrangements. AS proof of that it would appear that none of these following blogs are from AF installations in the theater....

Mission Iraq - Round 2 (USAF, Iraq) Stoli and I are old acquaintances, as we both flew into Korea on the same plane as new 2LTs. On the ride from Kimpo Int'l down to Osan, I and another 2LT had to ride in the bed of the small pickup truck with the luggage, while Stoli got to ride in the cab with his sponsor. Of course to add to the misery, it was monsoon season..... Another story for another day.

(USAF, Baghdad)

I am sure there are moe out there to find....

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