Pot Meet Kettle

Anyone who would think that Gen Peter Pace is "incompetent" is, to put it nicely, an idiot.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who would think that Gen David Petraeus is "incompetent" is a total raving loon!

And after insulting these two men behind their backs (these were not public comments), Reid wants to just let the matter drop. How convenient! But how can it just drop? Reid will be a central figure in the decision making that goes on after we gets full reports on the effectiveness of Petraeus' 'Surge'.

Reid puts his own incompetence on display with his contradictory and ignorant remarks:

Asked if Reid considered Petraeus competent, Reid responded, "Not as far as I'm concerned."

Reid ripped Petraeus for an interview published in Thursday's USA Today describing progress in Iraq.

"I have high regard for General Petraeus...

What?!? How can one consider some incompetant and have high regard for him at the same time?

"I was a little disappointed, to say the least, today reading USA Today newspaper, where he's saying things are going fine, kids are playing soccer. The truth is, you look at another newspaper and look at a different page of USA Today, the bloodiest three months of the war has been since the surge took place," Reid said.
Well no shit sherlock! Lets see....we have a surge, which means many more troop are placed into the combat theater to go on the offense and ....[GASP]....more combat occurs! What, is he kidding, or did he think that more combat troops actively hunting terrorists would result in less combat (and resulting casualties). This guy really needs to start thinking in three dimensions.

Unfortunately Reid has already pre-judged both the surge and its leaders. I think we can all see what is coming...

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