The Terrorists Are Coming?

So ABC news tells us that "Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe..."

That may well be true, but it may well be bluster.

We all know that the enemy runs circles around us when it comes to running an IO campaign to influence opinion. So then, why actually send dozens of easily profiled (oops, bad word) to try and carry out a suicide bombing campaign, when just threatening to do so can get the American press and politigencia more worked up than Paris Hilton at a court hearing?

Just a mere few dozen threatening words can have more bang for the buck (so to speak) than the huge logistical hurdles of trying to get suicide bombers into the country.

If they really wanted to infiltrate young muslim men who had recently been in Pakistan into the U.S. they wouldn't announce it. If you ask me, the mere fact that they announced it means it is all part of an IO campaign to get our panties in a bunch. I guess as far as the press is concerned....mission accomplished.

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